Diamond Glow Facial - For Radiant, Glowing Skin

Even if you have a skincare routine, there’s nothing better than the look and feel of a professional facial treatment – especially one that utilizes 3-in-1 technology to exfoliate, extract impurities and infuse nourishing serums. Why not treat yourself today to a luxurious facial that will leave your skin glowing, youthful and radiant? You won’t regret it!

The Medspa at Connecticut Facial Plastic: Diamond Glow Facial - For Radiant, Glowing Skin

Pamper Yourself With a Personalized Treat

The Diamond Glow Facial is a highly customizable treatment. With both the unique diamond tip able to be customized to suit your exfoliation needs, along with a personalized selection of serums tailored to each of your skin concerns, you’re sure to leave our Wethersfield office feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

What Is a Diamond Glow Facial?

This unique facial features cutting-edge technology to exfoliate the surface of the skin with natural diamond particles, removing dead cells and revealing a brighter complexion. The treatment also includes an intensive hydrating mask which helps to nourish and replenish the skin’s moisture levels. In addition, this facial is designed to stimulate collagen production for improved elasticity and firmness in the face, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Why We Love It

The Diamond Glow Facial is the ultimate way to pamper yourself and give your skin the attention it needs – helping to improve the appearance of your skin, reduce signs of aging, clear up acne and other blemishes, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Regular facials with The Medspa at Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery can also help keep your skin looking healthy in between professional treatments by providing deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, toning, and nourishment that help prevent common skin problems from developing.

IDEAL FOR : Fine LinesFine LinesDryness, Roughness & DullnessDryness, Roughness & Dullness

Your Care is Our Priority (female patient at treatment)

Why Choose The MedSpa at Connecticut Facial Plastics for Facials?

At The Medspa at Connecticut Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe that beauty is unique to each individual. That’s why our facial treatments are tailored to the needs of every client. Our experienced aestheticians use a combination of advanced technologies and natural products to create a customized facial for your skin type.

We take into account your age, lifestyle, and even diet when deciding which ingredients are best for you. Whether you want a deep cleansing treatment or something more specialized like anti-aging therapies, our experts will help you achieve the perfect balance between relaxation and rejuvenation. With our personalized approach, your complexion will be glowing with health and vitality in no time!


Frequently Asked Questions

Before treatment, your facial expert will discuss your skin concerns and aesthetic goals, before creating your personalized Diamond Glow Facial with the right diamond tip exfoliator and nourishing serums for you. You may experience a scratchy sensation during your facial, and some slight redness or tightness after, which will fade quickly, revealing your beautiful new skin.

The Diamond Glow Facial is a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime, meaning you can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Due to the personalized nature of the treatment, along with any combined procedures, prices are subject to vary by person. Pricing will be discussed in full at your consultation.

Avoid laser or chemical peel treatments

Avoid laser or chemical peel treatments

Arrive with a clean face and without makeup

Arrive with a clean face and without makeup

Use SPF and light makeup

Use SPF and light makeup

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